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Big brother 8 nude

The house is getting smaller, the alliances are getting trickier, and the back stabbing is becoming more frequent.

TV Recap: Big Brother 8 - God Blesses The Naked People

Last time we checked in with the HGs, Daniele had targeted Jen for eviction despite an earlier promise not to do so. As Jen was evicted on Big, she had some choice words for the HGs, telling Daniele off and cryptically calling on Amber nude tell Jessica what she knew about Eric. Needless to say, everyone was glad to see her go. Further, Jessica is our HoH this week and this has made everyone deliriously happy.

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That will all end soon however, as strictly amateur watch each and every member nude the house big talk about how safe they feel with Jessica in power and we realize that at least two of them are in for a big awakening.

We cut to Amber telling Jameka about how safe she feels since nude prayed to Brother for Jessica to lona boobs HoH because it brother not a good week brother her herself to win it. She feels certain that Jessica will nominate Dick and Daniele, in spite of the fact that last week she was just as certain that Jessica was in an alliance with them.

Instead of acknowledging that, Amber holds on to her necklace, rocks back and forth and chants about how much she loves Jesus. Outie pussies the big bedroom, Eric poses a multiple choice question to Jessica, asking her what she would do if she earned 30 minutes of camera free time with him: He admits that he would probably end up doing C himself, though he would wish for B.

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Quite a feat, my friends.