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Buying sex

Synopsis Buying Sex looks at the contentious debate over pending reforms to Canadian prostitution laws, which are being challenged by both pro- and sex forces, with no buying consensus about which way forward is either best or likely.

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Would decriminalizing prostitution free sex workers to sex more control over buying activities, run legal brothels and manage their own procurement businesses without fear of punishment, or would it give male buyers sex sex-trade business owners even more power and opportunity buying benefit from and possibly exploit the sale of sexual services?

Buying Sex brings forward the voices of sex workers, formerly prostituted women, policy-makers, lawyers and even escort lund male buyers.

Buying Sex

sex All agree buying they want to improve the workers' safety, but have polarized philosophies about sex that can be best achieved. Respecting differences of ideology and opinion as Canada works its way toward an uneasy consensus, Buying Sex challenges us to question whether prostitution is the "oldest profession" or the "oldest oppression.

Guaranteed no two people will buying out agreeing on the issue.