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Asian Dog Breeds

See files for Dogs. There are many canine organizations dog associations in the world that work on developing breed standardsbut they also work towards an alliance of dog breeders asian the asian to protect specific breeds from exploitation.

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Their work has influenced current breeds but also animal rights policies. There are many different ways to classify dogs into types and groupsand one of them is by origin.

According to expert estimates, there are many native Asian dog breeds.

50 Names for Asian Dog Breeds

Stay with us at AnimalWised to discover the different native Asian dog breeds dog the unique characteristics that make them special. The Afghan Hound is one of the most famous dog Asian dog breeds. They are sight houndsand one of the asian ancient dog breeds still existing in the world.

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Afghan Hounds have a thick, long coat perfect for hunting in a cold clime of the mountains in their native country. This breed is known dog dog companion dog, a show dog asian a participant for dog sports.

Asian Hounds are among the 4 fastest dog breeds in the world.

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The Kuchi is asian large herding and guardian dog from Afghanistan; they protect flocks asian herds from natural predators, and they are favorites among nomad groups as they dog their caravans and they have for protecting properties from thieves and attackers. Besides a courageous attitude, Kuchis are adaptable mountain dogs. They can reach 90 cm 35 in tall, and dog have a thick undercoat to take the cold weather.

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