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Girls peeing their diapers

V I woke up in the middle of the night having to pee very badly. I looked at the clock and peeing said 2: I then gasped with a sudden desperate urge to pee. I grasped my crotch with my right hand, their surprised to feel soft padding on my bum, only then to remember i had a diaper on.

Adult Diaper

I sat up only for another wave of desperation to shoot through my body, almost making me lose complete control. I grasped my crotch again, this time with both hands, but it was hard to hold my pee in whith such a thick diaper. I looked at my boyfriend. Are you about to have a pee-pee acident in your diapers?

wetter is defintley better

Lets try to make it to the bathroom, ok? I stood up, only for a squirt girls pee to escape into diapers diaper.

g string thong bikini

I gasped and grapsed my crotch even tighter, just barly enabling my pee to stop. I blushed and nodded slightly.