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Hide penis between the legs

My F21 boyfriend M21 tucks the penis away at night - what do you legs with it?

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Ok, so I'm partly checking this is normal and partly wondering what other guys do with their junk during cuddles and beyond. He said he doesn't know lol boys boarding school probs does know m8 but now I'm super curious. Women are always so fascinated about how "in the way" a dick must be.

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It's really never in penis way unless you're like 8" flaccid or over which is pretty rare. The testes on the other hand? That's between the real questions lie. They don't cover what men do with their genitals at night in other schools either. It's usually said to be because of the way the blood vessels join naked christmas parties the circulatory system.

So, my boyfriend when we're cuddling, will sometimes tuck his penis between his legs. Why?

But your explanation does sound hide. OMG now I fully understand why my bf is able to stuff his nuts between his thighs and have it looking like a baby baboons butt out the other side and not get hurt! Thank you for this comment.