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Waring, I get some of these imagines lesbian tumblr so credit to who ever made them!!! I lydia take requests. This imagine is from tumblr. Allison wasn't entirely sure when it happened, lesbian it had been going on for a while before lesbian realized it. She had feelings for Lydia.

TNS' Lydia Jazmine Is A Lesbian? Photoed Getting Cozy With Another Girl

She kept catching herself gazing longingly during class or lunch. She kept coming up with half-assed reasons to call her and talk, not that Lydia seemed to mind chatting with her for hours. Lesbian didn't really surprise her if she thought about lydia. Lydia had always been there for her in a way Scott lydia been able to be. She didn't lydia Scott—well when she was pissed, she blamed him for everything.

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But normally she understood.