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Movies influence teens to have sex

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Researchers have given parents another influence to be across what movies the kids are watching. Sexual content in blockbuster films like Twilight can influence sexual behaviour of teenagers.

Media 'influence' adolescent sex

Scientists set out to examine whether or not seeing sex on the big screen translates into sex in the real world for adolescents.

They began by analysing top-grossing movies from to for seconds of sexual content, like heavy kissing or sexual intercourse.

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Interestingly, they noted that most of the recent films do not portray safe sex, with little mention of contraception. A test group of more than 1, adolescents, aged years, then reported which have the films they had seen. They were surveyed six years later about how old they were when they became sexually active and how risky their sexual behaviour might free milf pornstar pics been — Did they use condoms consistently?

Sex scenes in films can influence sexual behaviour of teenagers

Were they monogamous or did they have multiple partners? Lighting up the screen — how films influence teen smokers. Not only did the researchers find that the sexual content of film teens real-life behaviour, they uncovered some of the reasons why. Between the ages of ten and fifteen is a peak time for seeking more novel and intense stimulation of all kinds.

It was found that greater exposure to sexual content in movies at a young age actually led to a higher peak in sensation-seeking during adolescence.

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The researchers also speculate that adolescents learn specific behaviours from the sexual messages in sex. The link movies alcohol and pop music.