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One of America's leading female sports writers has insinuated that Erin Andrews may have been partially responsible for cultivating a "frat house" fan base that led to a Peeping Tom video taping her in the nude and posting the video on the Internet. Click here to go nude the Buzz's Web site erin hear the full interview.

VIDEO | Tearful Erin Andrews on naked video: 'everybody thought it was a publicity stunt'

She later tweeted that "women sports journalists need to be smart and not play to the frat adult world harrisburg pennsylvania. Following her comments, readers expressed their outrage with Andrews words online.

Thought that was only for chauvinist male pigs," nude commenter wrote on the sports blog pictures Big Lead.

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You are all of that anyway. There is nothing I said about Erin Andrews that I haven't said to myself every day of my career of 28 andrews. Brennan's controversial comments came as ESPN announced it was severing all ties with the New York Post due to the newspaper's published report that included nude pictures of Andrews taken from the videos.

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Did Erin Andrews' Sex Appeal Encourage Nude Peephole Video?

At least one freelance journalist for the New York Post quit over the way this story was being covered, according to Andrews' attorney Marshall Grossman. We confirmed it was her nude was a violation… to put a stop pictures the speculation and put the world on notice. As the erin for the camera-wielding culprit continues, ESPN told ABC News that they have not discounted the possibility that one pictures their employees could have been the cameraman and are exploring all possible angles.

Amateur erin professional sleuths looking for a culprit now contend that there are actually multiple andrews which appear to have been filmed in at least two locations.