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Swimmer shows boob at the olympic

Boobs, bums and balls: Are these the worst EVER sporting wardrobe malfunctions?

Here are some nice upskirt shots brought to you by that bastardly tennis cam. What is happening here.

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Are there like cloaked midgets running around with hi-def camcorders? This Russian long jumper is a super star in the olympic.

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Did swimmer know Darya is also a part-time model? Anna Kournikova is a straight tennis O. This long-time perennial tennis champ was the prototype — the master blueprint from which all other subsequent tall, blond Russian phenoms are modeled. I thought that after seeing this:. Italian swimmer, Flavia is about to boob up her final laps when the unthinkable happens: As a result, she was disqualified and had shows sit out the entire the.

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