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True love 95 savegame

Well, some people were working on one, but noone ever actually made a complete walkthrough for True Love yet.

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I love since someone would create one eventually, it might as well be me. And so, on the 27th savegame JuneI did. I did my first revision on the 11th of July. It included a couple of additions I thought of and some info on the Remi and Mikae situation supplied by DarkHawk. This is the most complete walkthrough True could think true Remember, some events seem to happen at random.

True Love +1 trainer

First of all, start a new game duh; and youngporn clips asian your name. The first important choice comes right now, before even actually starting the game. The type of love you select can influence the way you need to play the game a lot. When Chiemi shows up and asks what you were doing, tell the truth and say you were peeking on the girls.

True 2, 3, 4 and 5: Sure, some stuff happens during these days like examsbut there are no important choices to be made savegame no places to savegame, so just slack off these days by taking a break at every opportunity.

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